About Steven Gomez – aka The Crimson Historian!

Hero ObscuraExposed to radioactive comic books at an early age, Steven Gomez has fostered a life-long obsession with heroes, pulps, movies, and radio shows. Considered a nerd by some, he dons the uniform of the Crimson Historian each weekday and enters the Sanctum Obscura to bring you the forgotten heroes of yesteryear.

In his alter ego, Steven Gomez lives in northern Washington State with his wife, a superhero in her own right. In their off hours they explore the museums, libraries, and geocaches of the Pacific Northwest, doing their best to keep the world safe from tyranny!

In addition to his work as the Crimson Historian, Mr. Gomez is the Chief Investigator at The Noir Factory, a podcast and website devoted to true crime history, noir fiction, and hard-boiled stories.